Georgia Cultural Day

August 5, 2013

Chinese Press about Ensemble ‘Rustavi’, August 3rd, 2013   The characteristic features of Georgian folk song and dance are its diversity of genres and original performance […]

Listen to the healing songs and you will be as fit as a fiddle. The legendary Ensemble “Rustavi” is ready to give a concert in Murmansk

July 22, 2013

Internet Site “Murmanski Vestnik” (The News of Murmansk). Russian Federation. 20.07.2013 Author: Tatiana Britskaia Source: Because of a huge size of the present article, we […]

Georgia’s nationally treasured chorus: RUSTAVI ENSEMBLE

May 12, 2013

Chinese Press about Ensemble ‘Rustavi’, May 10th, 2013    Rustavi Ensemble was created in 1968, which is Georgia’s nationally treasured performing group. The Ensemble is famous […]

Voices rising to the heaven: the legendary men’s choir “Rustavi” arrived in Moscow

April 14, 2013

Internet Site Vesti.Ru (News.Ru). Russian Federation. 12.04.2013 Author: Olga Oksenich Source:   The legendary Georgian men’s choir “Rustavi” gave a concert in Moscow. Artists in […]

A – capella with love

April 12, 2013

Internet Site VestiMoskva (Moscow News). Russian Federation. 10.04.2013 Oqsana Kostenko Source: The legendary Georgian men’s choir “Rustavi” arrived in Moscow. The group hasn’t been in […]