Ensemble “Rustavi” Administration Press Release, October 22nd, 2017


* * *

‘There are many reasons why I am here. I work in the British Library and to hear “Rustavi” choir performing in my work place…it’s like my cathedral has been consecrated. You’ve transformed the building. I work here for 18 years and its now a new building. I met Anzor Erkomaishvili in 2000 when I was researching a pre-soviet gramophone recordings… it’s such an honour’.

Will Prentice   

Sound Curator, the British Library


* * *

‘The performance by the Rustavi choir was spectacular – the transcendent beauty and power of their singing brought the space of the British Library entrance hall to life in a completely new way and introduced a large new audience to Georgian cultural heritage’.

Janet Zmroczek

Head of European and Americas Collections, British Library


* * *

‘Exquisite musical evening at the British Library with outstanding Rustavi Ensmeble. Great Georgian voices!’

Embassy of Slovakia to the UK


* * *

‘It was a fantastic evening. I am a great lover of Georgian culture – it’s so deep, so immense. It’s a privilege to be part of this evening.’

Dennis Muriu

Co-founder of Georgian Wine Club in London


* * *

‘Enjoying amazing Rustavi Choir and Music of Georgia at the British Library’.

Tadej Rupel

Ambassador of Slovenia to the UK


* * *

‘A five minutes standing ovation for Rustavi Choir at the British Library’.

Max Fras

Researcher/analyst/international development consultant