Ensemble “Rustavi” Administration Press Release, June 2nd, 2020



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Connecting with the 50th anniversary of the Ensemble “Rustavi”, there has been published a very important anthology – “400 Georgian Folk Songs”.




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Ensemble “Rustavi” Sings


In the USA, after “Rustavi”’s one of the successful concerts, a world-renowned folk scholar Alan Lomax gave an interview to a correspondent of the “Voice of America”: …„The Georgians know me and I know them, as I have traveled to Georgia. Ensemble “Rustavi” has wonderful potential: each singer, and the whole group collectively, is a high-class performer. Their singing reminds me of the sound of a symphony orchestra. I know folk music quite well, and I must say that the nation that created these songs is one of the most fascinating of ancient nations. Unfortunately, however, is one of the lesser known in today’s world.“


New York. 1990