Ensemble “Rustavi” Administration Press Release, November 2nd, 2020  



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Connecting with the 50th anniversary of the Ensemble “Rustavi”, there has been published a very important anthology – “400 Georgian Folk Songs”.



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‘Rustavi’ from Georgia gave a concert to a full house in ‘Les Etoiles’ theatre, which was attended by Prince Rainier III and Jean Louis Medecin, Mayor of Monaco City. This original ensemble comes from an ancient country. It presented refined and diverse program to the audience. The legendary folk dances reflect festive occasions and other important events. The lively manner of performance and amazing colors make the beauty of Georgian women more distinguished. We are fascinated by the ancient songs from Svaneti and other mountainous regions of Georgia, their ancient style, polyphony, musicality and boisterous sounding. We would like to thank this brilliant ensemble which enchanted the audience by their virtuoso performance, poetic spirit and extraordinary talent.