Ensemble “Rustavi” Administration Press Release, November 18th, 2020  



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Connecting with the 50th anniversary of the Ensemble “Rustavi”, there has been published a very important anthology – “400 Georgian Folk Songs”.



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“Le Figaro”, France, Rene Sirvin. Olympia

The Georgian Ensemble “Rustavi” –

“Gold and Fire”


‘They came from the far away Colchis the country of Medea and Golden Fleece, from Soviet Georgia located at the crossroads of today’s Asia and Europe. They came to perform the centuries-old artistic traditions of their nation.

The songs of different genres are changed with wonderful dances. The rhythms are original, the choir – masterful, the form – flawless, the peaks of choreography – maximum.

Softly and swimmingly dancing women reminded us swans in a lake. Each their movement is the symbol of nobility. Their swift partners, dancing men, (they are like lions,) were twirling wonderfully on their tiptoes, which is firm characteristic of Georgian guys. Each their movement, leaping and landing on their knees is noted for its bravery. The final fantasy is the reason of the inspiration of the audience: dance ‘Mkhedruli’ as well as old war dance ‘Parikaoba’ had a wonderful effect. The dancers are fighting as fire, they are making the fountains of sparkles with their swords lighting the stage. The effect is unbelievable. Between the flashing dances men’s choir introduces poetic peace, discharges the dancers’ continuous ardor. Each song of the nine singers is the crown of music art. The serenades sung with warm, soft, tender melodic and sometimes magic ‘pianissimo’, and strange sad melodies, and patriotic and other brilliant songs with exclamations that come from ancient times and the harmony and melody of which are strange, but fascinating, are sometimes sung in stormy ‘forte’, and make indelible impression.

This is truly traditional art, colorful and original.

We saw a cheerful, lively performance’.