Internet Site Bahama. Israel. 02.02.2011

Iosi Shipman


Camerata and the Georgians – visit and see.

It’s enough to look at the smiling faces of the

Camerata musicians and listen to their touching melodies.


Let’s begin with an excellent recommendation: go, watch and listen to a wonderful music. For this time, I apologize in front of our orchestra soloists, as presently my attention and this evening is concentrated around a different kind of musical culture. Towards the music, that came from the country which isn’t very far from us.

On the stage perform ten musicians in light-red national capes. They have short daggers in their belts and wear black boots.  From this second begins the triumph of sounds that have never touched our ears accustomed to the eastern music. First and foremost, it has to be noted the quality of performance – from almost murmuring depths of pianissimo to the peaks of fortissimo. This is the clear evidence of the fact that there are the sounds which are so strong that even a concert hall is too small to hold them. You can hear the perfect command of voice in the performance of Georgian tenors.

The concert which was held as the best artistic concert, in front of us appeared pieces from Georgian monodic and polyphonic prayers and sacred hymns. After this, there was presented a piece from Joseph Bardanashvily’s composition ‘Time to Love’ a chapter from ‘The Children of God’ consisting of the text from prayers. There were also performed Shmuel Hanagid’s songs and Georgian Orthodox church hymns. The surprising coincidence between the tunefulness of the orchestra and the singers – this is the coincidence of the old, traditional and new. Bardanashvily managed to demonstrate this coincidence very impressively.

After this, the Ensemble ‘Rustavi’ presented the repertoire from ‘Tsintskaro’ to ‘Chakrulo’. Through them we got acquainted with the rich Georgian folklore and a high level of their vocal capabilities.

The music we heard is an exceptional art, the part of the oldest culture, which from the very beginning forever remained in the hearts of thousands of artists and by itself represents a wonderful mixture of classic and modern music. Now we have an exceptional chance to listen to this sensation in the original. During the concert we’ll listen to table songs and church hymns performed in wonderful colours. We listen to the art which is very old, but hasn’t lost its charm even at least. In order to put my ideas in a word, I’ll say: they sing in Georgia so wonderfully.