Chinese Press about Ensemble ‘Rustavi’, August 3rd, 2013


The characteristic features of Georgian folk song and dance are its diversity of genres and original performance style, inherited from generation to generation. Today, many ensembles in Georgia are devoted to preserving and enriching the traditions of their folk art. Rustavi Georgian State Academic Folk Song and Dance Company is one of them. The artists of this group revive forgotten folk songs and dances, and present them in concerts, festivals, radio and TV programs, films. They have recorded more than 600 songs, toured all over the world, and acted as cultural ambassadors to bridge foreign nations and Georgian folklore.

The Rustavi Ensemble was established in 1968 in a small Georgian town Rustavi. It is headed by Anzor Erkomaishvili and Pridon Sulaberidze. Badri Toidze is the choirmaster. During its 40-year existence, Rustavi has given more than 3 000 concerts and toured more than 60 countries of the world, always deserving standing ovations and shining press reviews. Since the ensemble was established, several generations have come and gone. Rustavi has boasted many famous singers, dancers, and instrumentalists who have won a lasting place in the hall of fame of Georgian culture. Its new artists remain true to the rich tradition of the previous generations. Rustavi continues to stage concerts, find and revive old folk songs, diversify its repertoire with unique songs and dances, and enthusiastically popularize them both in Georgia and abroad.