On October 26th the Ensemble ‘Rustavi’ went to China for the first time.

This year in Shanghai was held EXPO 2010 in which took part 180 countries from all over the world.

The pavilion of Georgia is in the row of the pavilions of European countries. It is decorated wonderfully. The landscape of Georgia is presented very well. On one side in huge photos there are displayed Gergeti and Mkinvartsveri. On the other side you can see Gudauri, the Black Sea coastal area, Svaneti, Mtatusheti, on the screen there are shown old cultural monuments, churches, frescos, parts of old Tbilisi etc. There are also presented Georgian wines and other beverages.

The day of Georgia was arranged for October 28th.

For this event in Shanghai arrived governmental delegation from Georgia led by the Prime Minister Nika Gilauri. For this day there was also arranged cultural programme in which participated the Ensemble ‘Rustavi’.

At 10 o’clock the Day of Georgia was opened by Nika Gilauri. The hall was full of journalists and officials. Our concert lasted for half an hour.