Haaretz. Israel. 27. 01. 2011

Hagai Khitron


We speak about the concert which is actually 2 different worlds.

One concert from the epiphany of Bach, another one – very impressive Georgian vocal heritage being sung by 10-men ‘Rustavi’ singers.

There was also a liturgical piece written by Joseph Bardanashvily, through which its affinity to Georgian and Armenian texts is declared.

What could combine these 2 different concerts? The polyphony.

As Bardanashvily explained to me: the traditional music of the people of Georgia was always polyphony.

The Georgian part of the programme was rich.

The epiphany – western performance of popular traditional art – the synthesis of music and dance with the miniatures by Sulkhan Tsintsadze – is enchanting and mostly graceful!

The ‘Rustavi’s singers were distinguished with strong and exciting voices.

At the end of the concert impressive Sulico made the people in the hall joining in singing along with ‘Rustavi’ singers.