Ensemble “Rustavi” in Brief


Presently in Georgia there are several different kinds of ensembles that carefully maintain and develop the traditions of folk works. Undoubtedly, among them there is the State Academic Ensemble “Rustavi”. It makes fertile creative work: restores forgotten old folk songs, records songs to CDs, holds concerts, participates in festivals, radio and TV programs, makes and sounds films, travels abroad a lot and introduces Georgian folklore to many countries of the world.

The “Rustavi” was created in 1968. During its existence the ensemble has successfully performed more than 5000 concerts, travelled through about 80 countries (most of them several times), has held concerts in such prestigious halls as “Olympia”, “Mogador” and the “Theater of Player” in Paris, London’s “Albert Hall”, the Great Theater of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Amsterdam, New-York, Tokyo, Cairo, Rome, Shanghai, Berlin and the great concert halls of other cities of the world met with ovations the performing art of the “Rustavi”. The press highly evaluates its concerts.

In 2005, at its own 60th jubilee conducted in Nagoya, Japan, UNESCO invited only the Ensemble “Rustavi” to hold a concert.

At different times the “Rustavi” has recorded and produced on gramophone records and CDs more than 800 Georgian folk songs, hymns and their different versions. It must be noted that 318 songs from this catalog were recorded by “SONY”.