Ensemble “Rustavi” Administration Press Release, November 18th, 2014


These are the highlights from the Letter of Appreciation of an outstanding German impresario Mr. Dieter Jaenicke to the Ensemble “Rustavi” – Ensemble “Rustavi” Administration.


Dear Anzor, dear Hwai-min, dear dancers and singers, technicians, administrators, members of the boards from Cloud Gate and Rustavi,

I would like to thank you all for another unforgettable experience – after Dresden and Taiwan this time in Georgia.

One more time (actually two more times) you created and performed the unbelievably beautiful and strong performance “Songs of the Wanderers” together. I think I saw and heard “Songs of the Wanderers” now at least 12 times. Each time I discover something new, each time I am deeply touched, each time I have to cry because of the beauty of the images and voices. Thank you all for this gift!

4 days of celebration of friendship and friendliness, of hospitality, dedication and respect for art and tradition, for the best of humanity. Thank you so much for this.

I felt very honoured and gifted with the privilege to witness and even participate in the beautiful friendship and deep sympathy for each other, which the two companies have developed. I have of course experienced friendship between different persons, but I have never experienced something like this between two companies. Rustavi and Cloud Gate are dedicated to different arts forms, do come from different countries and different cultures, Rustavi dedicated more to tradition and Cloud Gate more to the contemporary arts rooted in traditions. All these differences are no obstacles, very much the opposite, the respect for the other, the interest in the other, the deep dedication to arts, the respect for both the tradition and the modernity, and the dedication for humanity and peace unite the two companies in a common spirit. It is very touching and goes deep into the heart to witness this friendship. I am very grateful to have the privilege to witness and participate in this.

I hope there will be many more occasions and opportunities for Rustavi and Cloud Gate to meet and to perform together and to develop this beautiful friendship much further.

Thank you for this wonderful experience, for the many presents, the material and the immaterial ones, for the days together. You are wonderful people. I love you all.

Best regards,

Dieter Jaenicke