“Rustavi” in Ukraine

October 2 – 31, 2021

Don’t miss!!! Ensemble “Rustavi”‘s unprecedented tour to our friend Ukraine with an updated program

“Rustavi” dancers will perform in front of the audience together with Ensemble “Virsky” in every big city of Ukraine. At the end of October, the singers will join the dancers and hold concerts with a new project “Ballad on Love” and a solo program.

Representatives of the ensemble’s supporter company “Red Bull” saw the dancers off from Tbilisi and wished them success…

They are looking forward to seeing “Rustavi” in our friend Ukraine.    

The State Academic Ensemble “Rustavi” of Georgian Folk Song and Dance is meeting the upcoming significant tour with common joy, enthusiasm, and responsibility. This time the format is different. The Ensemble “Rustavi” will have to give a concert together with the most illustrious ensemble of Ukraine. We are sure the Ensemble named after Ukrainian choreographer Pavlo Virsky will do its best.  

Ensemble “Rustavi” dancers begin their great concert tour from the second-largest city in Ukraine Kharkov!

The two well known national dance collectives will fight each other for the main prize – to win the heart of the viewer! 

The two most brilliant national charms with their inexhaustible energy and art, incomparable mastership and original interpretation of national styles, astounded the world! 

This unique event in the concert life of Georgia and Ukraine shall go down in the modern history of culture of our countries!  

Each time it seems that the zenith of virtuosity has already been reached… Though, with each performance incomparable artists take you to newer unimaginable peaks of aesthetic bliss!

You will have only one chance to see such a scale dance event, to be charged with colossal energy of the national soul of the two great countries, to be introduced to two great cultures.

The pride of Ukraine – P. Virsky Ukrainian National Folk Dance Deserved Academic Ensemble. The Ensemble named after P. Virsky – this is 100 strongest artists, ardent, full of life, joyful professionals with unbelievably glowing Ukrainian energetics. Each performance of Virsky Ensemble – this is the unique mixture of colours, energy, and art. Vivid and expressive movements, unimaginable leaps, round movements with lightning speed and changeable dynamics of the dances, virtuosity, mastership and the original interpretation of folk styles make it one of the best ensembles in the world!  

The pride of Georgia – the State Academic Ensemble “Rustavi” of Georgian Folk Song and Dance.

The Ensemble “Rustavi”, the history of which began in 1968, has reached a phenomenal mastership. The ensemble consists of about 50 dancers, 12 singers and its own orchestra which uses only national folk musical instruments. The dancers show amazing choreographic art of folk dances raised to the peaks of perfection. During its half a century existence, the Ensemble “Rustavi” gave more than 8000 concerts in about 80 countries’ best concert halls of the world. The “Rustavi” captivated the audience and deserved unimaginable ovations in all countries of Europe or Asia. Bright costumes, brilliant performance, incomparable choreography deserves the approval of the most censorious audience! The “Rustavi” ’s style of dances emphasizes the originality of the Georgian soul and its truly unique nature (the estimations are provided from world press about “Rustavi”).    

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