Donaukurier. Germany. 21.06.2010

Sandra Hummel


‘Rustavi’s singers had a great impression on the audience by their sensible vocal art which was presented on the highest level.

The orchestra was conducted by Ariel Tsukerman.

Incomparable Georgian polyphony deserved applause many times.

The singers who have wonderful voice, especially during performing ‘a-capella’, were demonstrating strong, but at the same time sonorous and beautiful musical, overwhelming high emotions.

In the second part the singers with their almost endless performing art proved that they are not only very talented singers, but at the same time excellent instrumentalists.

The whole choreography was really breathtaking (choreographer, – Pridon Sulaberidze). On an effectively illuminated stage women’s lyric and men’s brave battle dances were changing one another. They were incomparable.

It was a suitable special evening for the jubilee of the Georgian Chamber Orchestra.