De Couturekrant. Holland. 15.06.2010

‘…After giving a welcoming speech of the patron of the festival ‘Iberia’, the First Lady of Georgia Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs, a deputy of the Mayor of Leiden Ian-Iap De khan and the director of the festival ‘Iberia’ Dali De Graph (Countess) – Ubilava, the Ensemble ‘Rustavi’ held a concert on Saturday evening as an impressive source and a sign of the Georgian cultural week in Leiden.

‘Georgia is always in my mind’- the deputy of the mayor cited the classical expression, – ‘After ‘Rustavi’s such a brilliant performance, it will be difficult for the audience to forget Georgia. We can say that the audience was captured by the strong and at the same time touching polyphonic folk songs.

In the dances the guys’ extremely difficult, technically acrobatic adroitness and lightness are mixed with the women’s graceful and tender movements.

All this was such a wonderful mixture with astounding national costumes, that it left no other choice for the audience except standing and expressing its feeling through the stormy applause’.