Bergische Morgenpost. Germany. 18.06.2010

Zigphrid Hedder


Georgian Ensemble ‘Rustavi’ inspired public with its performance in Biurgerhouse. The dancers were moving on the stage with astounding lightness.

‘Fireworks were lit on Thursday evening in the Hall of Biurgerhouse. The ensemble was emitting such temperament that the astonished audience was taking breath from inspiration. The Ensemble ‘Rustavi’, – this is the chance to feel the highest emotions and the inhabitants of Radevormvald had many times such opportunity. In spite of the fact the ensemble had concerts here in the passed decades, the ensemble hasn’t lost its power of attraction even for the least, again, the large hall was overcrowded.

‘Chakrulo’, – a masterpiece of Georgian singing art, fascinated us by its complex polyphony. Dance ‘Competition’, – with the highest elements of dancing art was an absolute culmination.

The public was completely inspired.

‘Rustavi’s concert was a real sensation.