Texelse Courant. Holland. 27.03.2012


Pip Barnard

Veterans, contemporaries of military events, fans of the Georgian language and literature and other wishers witnessed an impressive concert of ‘Rustavi’ held on Sunday on Binnenburg in De Burght.

Nine singers presented in front of the audience rich and bright palette of Georgian music filled of exotic intervals, three-part polyphony, extraordinary modulations and quarter tones.

The repertoire consisted of dance and national music. There were also church hymns and war songs, during the performance of which perfectly revealed voice capabilities of the singers, – from soft semi-whispering to thunderstorms. The church filled of the sunlight on Binnenburg became an excellent place for the concert of such scale, and, in spite of the fact there weren’t sold all the tickets, there arrived more than two hundred people to listen to ‘Rustavi’. A special notice deserves the fact that the concert was attended not only by the inhabitants of the island: some of the viewers specially arrived from different parts of the country.

‘Rustavi’ choir consists of ten singers the aim of which is to spread Georgian song and dance among general public.

In order to honour the memory of the Georgian heroes, after the concert there was arranged a visit to the cemetery on Hogeberg. There the choir performed several songs while the land of the graves was damped with traditional wine. During the short ceremony members of the choir said prayers by the pedestal of the monument of the grave of Loladze. This perfectly matched with the slogan of the Festival Iberia 2012: ‘Local Time’. This way, the organizers wished to show how tightly are knit together present and past in Georgia.