The Chamber Orchestra is inviting ‘Rustavi’

June 18, 2010

On June 17th a bus from Ingolstadt arrived in Radevormvald in order to take us. There will be held the 20th anniversary connecting with the performing […]

The First Lady of Georgia Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs opens festival ‘Iberia’

June 16, 2010

De Couturekrant. Holland. 15.06.2010 ‘…After giving a welcoming speech of the patron of the festival ‘Iberia’, the First Lady of Georgia Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs, a deputy […]

Leiden viewpoint on Georgian culture

June 16, 2010

Leidsch Dagblad. Holland. 14.06.2010 Leiden. ‘The First Lady of Georgia Sandra Saakashvili – Roelofs opened the first festival ‘Iberia’ at these weekends. On Saturday evening she […]

In Rembrandt’s town

June 16, 2010

On June 11-14th of 2010 in Rembrandt’s native town Leiden, Holland, were held the Days of Culture of Georgia, – ‘Iberia 2010’. The Days of Culture […]

‘Rustavi’ on a Bass Festival

June 9, 2010

After arrival in Tbilisi, we received a letter from the organizer of the Bass Festival where he gives many thanks for the successful concert and invites […]