Certificate of Appreciation

Doctor, Professor Badri Toidze

Ensemble ‘Rustavi’ Administration Press Release, April 16th, 2012 


High rank and excellent qualification heads of the state academic ensemble ‘Rustavi’ of song and dance, Mr Anzor Erkomaishvili, Mr Pridon Sulaberidze, Mr Badri Toidze often, by request of impresarios, teach folk song, church hymns and Georgian folk dance to the foreigners interested in Georgian folk music creative work.

These significant and professional activities are proved by numerous certificates of appreciation addressed to the ensemble. One of them has been received recently from Leiden, Holland where Mr Badri Toidze has held a successful workshop.

26 March 2012, Leiden, The Netherlands


Certificate of Appreciation


ArtEcho Foundation presents its recognition and appreciation to Mr. Badri Toidze for his valuable contribution to the Festival Iberia 2012 “Georgia: Local Time”.

Hereby ArtEcho Foundation certifies that Mr. Badri Toidze took part in the Festival Iberia 2012 “Georgia: Local Time” on 23-25 March 2012 in Leiden, Lisse and Texel, the Netherlands. He participated in several festival activities as the choirmaster of the Georgian folk music and dance ensemble ‘Rustavi’.

Moreover, in the framework of the festival Mr. Badri Toidze directed a workshop of Georgian polyphonic singing with brilliance and outstanding professionalism. The workshop has attracted the public of various ages and social backgrounds. Mr. Badri Toidze found a way to individually approach each workshop participant and opened up the talents and the capacities of the whole workshop group. Mr. Badri Toidze’s inspirational and masterful direction as well as his high-class professional expertise was the key to success of the workshop of Georgian polyphonic singing and a highly important input into the whole festival program.

ArtEcho Foundation is honored to have witnessed Mr. Badri Toidze’s truly superior performances.


With expression of gratitude,

ArtEcho Foundation,

Director: Dali de Graaf-Ubilava



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