Ensemble “Rustavi” Administration Press Release, April 1st, 2021  

I don’t believe it!

Dear Friends at Rustavi:

Just heard the bad news about Anzor. I don’t believe, don’t want to believe it. I wish it were an rumor. We won’t meet any person as BIG as Anzor again, big in his art, in his contribution to the culture of the world, and a big heart that embrace everyone passing through his life, that includes Cloud Gate members and myself. He enriched and enlightened us. It’s truly a blessing to have him as a colleague, a friend and, most of all, a great inspiration! Sad as I am, I think we should celebrate him and his art. And who has this honor to have the exquisite and powerful choir he created, the love and pride of his life, to sing for him, accompanying him on the path to the heaven.  

SALUTE to Anzor.

Profound condolence to you and Madam Erkomaishili. 

Hugs and hugs to you all,