DRESDNER MUSIKFESTSPIELE. Germany. 18. 05. – 05. 06. 2011

Ensemble ‘Rustavi’


Ensemble ‘Rustavi’ was founded in 1968 by Anzor Erkomaishvili, a representative of an outstanding family who during 7 generations dedicated themselves to Georgian folk song. You can hear peculiar, original Georgian polyphonic tune and wonderful voices in the choir which has travelled through more than 70 countries and won international recognition to Georgian singing culture.

The greatest charm of the singing culture of the Ensemble is that it fully represents regional singing variations.

‘Rustavi’s style, its each singing nuance esthetically and technically is elaborated most neatly and is deeply connected to the oldest Georgian folk tunes.

It is noteworthy improvisations performed in synchronal rhythm in which, as a rule, there is felt polyphonic conception and is clearly shown that each singer in the choir is unique.

Through listening to the Ensemble ‘Rustavi’ you can enjoy yourself the greatest soulful emotions and feelings, it’s a real musical celebration. The Ensemble through its masterly art and wonderful, Caucasus culture makes an indelible impression on the audience and opens the existing borders between Europe and Asia, Christianity and Islam.

In 2001 Anzor Erkomaishvili and the Ensemble ‘Rustavi’ were brought in UNESCO Memory Book where the Ensemble for suitable presentation of the new masterpieces and enriching the world’s cultural heritage occupies a special place.


Artistic Director of the Ensemble ‘Rustavi’ – Anzor Erkomaishvili.

First voice – Giorgi Aleqsandria, Giorgi Bugianishvili, Nugzar Kakhashvili.

Second voice – Badri Chikhiashvili, Davit Gvelesiani; barytone – Goderdzi Janelidze. Amiran Mamaladze, Ilia Kurashvili, Giorgi Natroshvili, Merab Samkurashvili. Director – Badri Toidze.