Festival Iberia 2012, ‘Georgia: Local Time’
23-25 March 2012, Leiden, Keukenhof, Texel


Ensemble ‘Rustavi’ Administration Press Release, March 2nd , 2012


Not to miss: a blend of Georgian arts and cultural experiences back in the Netherlands from 23 till 25 March. Georgian polyphonic chant, percussion, fine arts, photography, traditional crafts and exciting workshops are to be enjoyed in Leiden, Keukenhof and Texel.

With the first edition of the Festival Iberia in 2010 ArtEcho Foundation has opened the eyes of the Dutch public to the unknown and rich Georgian culture. At countless requests of the audience Festival Iberia comes in 2012 back to the Netherlands in order to bring more of astonishing Georgia. The theme of this year is: ‘Georgia: Local Time’ and the festival becomes a real time-travel where old and new is molten together. Georgia is a crossroad between Europe and Asia, but it is also a cross-road between the past and the future. The featured art is the reflection of the controversial Georgian reality where legends exist next to the everyday life and modern technologies are going along with traditional craftsmanship.


Festival Iberia 2012 is set together according to this principle: ultramodern photography with historical allusions, ancient art of batik or classical paintings with contemporary influences, traditional polyphonic chant in unexpected surroundings and surely, a variety of workshops such that everyone could participate, experience the unique Georgian feeling and create together with the others a new, Dutch-Georgian local time.

Festival Iberia has also become larger in 2012. Leiden venues that have already become traditional, but now also a day in the blooming Keukenhof park or on the romantic isle of Texel – this year you can choose where you would want to feel yourself the most Georgian.

The festival program consists of three main parts:

  • Three concerts of breath-taking polyphonic chant performed by the public favourites – the Georgian national ensemble ‘Rustavi’
  • Exhibitions of Georgian paintings, crafts and photography presented in four Leiden galleries
  • Workshops in polyphonic chant and percussion


Furthermore, there will be even more surprises during these three festival days. A special project is brought to the Netherlands under the initiative of the First Lady of Georgia Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs. Surrealist and extraordinary works of the recently deceased Georgian artist Paata Kuparadze form, under the title ‘Colour Party’, an important part of the festival exhibitions. Leiden University launches, in cooperation with the embassy of Georgia, a visiting chair in Georgian languages, culture and society that will be officially opened on 23 March 2012 in the framework of the festival.

Georgian colours and sounds, opening ceremonies, special guests, amongst which will be the First Lady of Georgia Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs and various inspiring activities – everything to charm you with the Georgian local time.

Further information about the festival program and activities is available at: www.festivaliberia.nl




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