Ensemble “Rustavi” Administration Press Release, November 30th, 2013


The State Academic Ensemble “Rustavi” of Georgian Folk Song and Dance in 2013, busy with tours, has enriched its creative biography with several additional successful concerts. Federation of Malaysia, Taipei, Taiwan, People’s Republic of China, Russian Federation, – St. Petersburg, Moscow, Great Novgorod, Turkey, Norway, Switzerland… is an incomplete list of the countries.
This time the group was separated…

Recently, within the important summit of Vilnius for the country – ”Georgian Art in Vilnius” – the group of dancers with their solo concert (through colorful costumes and accompanying special live show) at the prestigious hall “Arena” introduced the unique samples of Georgian dance to the Lithuanians and the world political establishment in Vilnius. One hour and a half duration concert was going with stormy applauses and ovations and the present society insistently required performance numbers on a “bis” “through making a noise with their heels on the floor”.

On the very day, in Moscow, at the Small Hall of Tchaikovsky State Conservatoire, the Ensemble “Rustavi” ‘s 10-men choir with Georgian church and folk song works solo concert was giving honor to the memory of an outstanding violinist, – Oleg Kagan. Participation in the world class classical music international festival was desirable and responsible for the Ensemble. The audience was expressing standing ovations to the unique Georgian treasure and the Ensemble “Rustavi”. The Ensemble performed 4 songs on a “bis”. An illustrious cellist Natalia Gutman and a pianist Eliso Virsaladze were openly expressing their admiration. The next day the Ensemble left Moscow for London where it participated in the beforehand planned events “Within the Christmas Fair of Georgia”. There were held several concerts.

See the link: https://www.facebook.com/EnsembleRustavi?ref=hl